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14/12/12 hand-picked research findings from the last week

Giving fathers oxytocin makes them more attuned and leads to more responsive babies

Effects of violent videos get worse, the more they are played

How cell phone use damages creativity

Schizophrenia linked to social inequality

Psychosocial stress increases the risk of strokes

We become synchronised, body and brain, as we become bonded

Some hunger in childhood reduces cognitive decline later

Antisocial behaviour, nature and nurture

Child abuse linked to later ashma

More TV, and TV in bedroom, leads to more obese children

Fit children do best in class as well

Link between early parent-child interactions and later autistic symptoms


Longevity, Olympians, high status and inequality
Psychoanlysis' demise is exagerated


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Sunday, 09 May 2021

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