Work with parents and children

In private practice I work less with individual children, but where possible I will do an assessment and facilitate a referral, either privately or to a good public sector therapy service. Instead I prefer to work with parents of children of all ages, e.g.:

  • I work directly with new parents and their infants, and indeed with soon-to-be parents, and as much research shows, input at this early stage can be particularly rewarding and effective.
  • I also work with parents of school aged children struggling with a range of issues, such as conduct problems, depression, anxiety and problematic peer relationships.
  • I support parents when children are in adolescence, when the child they have been used to might seem to have turned into quite another kind of being who one is at a loss to understand or  manage.
  • I work a lot with parents who have adopted children from backgrounds of abuse and neglect, both in private practice and in my NHS role.

A child's drawing of a family