Graham MusicBackground

Graham Music offers bespoke training and consultancy for a range of institutions and services. These range from one-off talks and conferences to full-days.

He has a particular expertise in delivering training on key areas of developmental psychology, neuroscience and attachment theory , such as the effect of trauma, neglect and abuse,  or working in schools with maltreated children, and generally on the importance of early development, what happens when things go wrong, and how we can help.

In addition he offers consultation and reflective practice sessions to organisations to enhance their functioning, and improve team dynamics. 

Examples of training offered

  • The Neglect of Neglect: Why neglect has a far worse prognosis than overt trauma
  • Attachment, ruptures and repairs and how resilience builds
  • Empathy. Why it is vital and how we build it
  • Nurturing natures: The adaptive infant and child: attachment, neurobiology and psychological development
  • Body-awareness, Brains and Trauma
  • Attaching or non-attaching: The meeting of mindfulness, emotional development, the brain and attachment theory
  • Play and Playfulness: The crucial but endangered art
  • Trauma, the Brain, Adoption and Challenges
  • Working with developmental Trauma
  • The Buzz Trap: Technology, adolescent brains and changing worlds
  • Shame and Guilt explained through jewish jokes!!
  • Pre-natal life, post-natal capacities and the infant in the client and the clinician
  • The Amazing Potential of Infants and where it can all go wrong
  • Sex on the Brain: Pornography, the net and sexual behaviours