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Graham Music - Work with couples

Work with couples

Graham Music - work with parents and children

Work with parents and children

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Graham Music - conferences and training

Conferences and training


Nurturing Natures

This new edition of the bestselling text, Nurturing Natures, provides an indispensable synthesis of the latest scientific knowledge about children’s emotional development. Integrating a wealth of both up-to-date and classical research from areas such as attachment theory, neuroscience developmental psychology and cross-cultural studies, it weaves these into an accessible enjoyable text which always keeps in mind children recognisable to academics, practitioners and parents. 

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THe Good LIfe

  • Are we born selfish or primed to help others?
  • Does stress make people more antisocial?
  • Can we ever be genuinely altruistic? 

This book explores some of the dilemmas at the heart of being human. Integrating cutting edge studies with in-depth clinical experience, Graham Music synthesizes a wealth of fascinating research into an explanation of altruism, cooperation and generosity and shows how we are primed to turn off the ‘better angels of our nature’ in the face of stress, anxiety and fear.

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Drawing on decades of experience, internationally respected clinician and trainer Graham Music tackles major issues affecting troubled children, including trauma, neglect, depression and violence. Using psychoanalysis alongside modern developmental thinking from neurobiology, attachment and trauma theory and mindfulness, Music creates his own distinctive blend of approaches to help even the most traumatised of children. 

A mix of personal accounts and therapeutic riches, Nurturing Children will appeal to anyone helping children, young people and families to lead fuller lives.

"Graham Music has done it again. This is a much needed book and the clinical work is profoundly moving...." - Anne Alvarez, Consultant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Tavistock Clinic, author of Live Company and The Thinking Heart

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